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Welcome to OnlineRouletteRealMoney.Com, a collection of all the information needed to wager and win at one of the world’s most popular casino games. This website will serve as guide for playing online roulette for money. Start by playing at the top three roulette sites listed below.


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Casino Titan

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Casino Titan is our favourite site for playing real money roulette games. The casino offers a roulette specific bonus, giving new players a 100% to $1,000. The graphics are extremely good on this game and they offer both American and Euro roulette. Casino Titan is part of the popular RTG network, which means you will also have access to over 150 casino games. The roulette table limits start at $1 up to a max bet of $25.

Casino Titan accepts all USA players. You can fund your account using Mastercard, Visa or a money transfer. The minimum payment starts at $25.

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Playing Roulette for Real Money

Welcome to Real Money Roulette, providing all of the information you need to wager and win at the most widely played casino table game. Insights from some of the top strategists and noted professionals of the Roulette field have been collected here to enhance both your understanding and enjoyment of the game as it is played for real money in casinos all over the world.

The Roulette table is typically one of the liveliest and most energetic gaming areas of any casino. There is something about anticipating the moment— seeing all of the colorful chips at risk on the table and waiting for the ball to come to a halt on the wheel—that makes hearts pound and breathing quicken. Of course, Roulette is even more fun when winning, so this site contains all of the strategies, systems, and inside tips that can lead to consistent success at the table.

A Digest of Roulette Knowledge

Starting with a quick overview of the two-and-a-half centuries of Roulette History, you will have the opportunity to discover not only how to play Roulette, but also how American Roulette differs from European Roulette and how the different types of Roulette Wheels evolved. There is a section dedicated exclusively to Roulette Rules, too, which delves into the specifics of play along with the basics that every Roulette player needs to know.

The Roulette Table Layout is worthy of some extra study, as it hold many of the keys to successful wagering. A little familiarity with mathematics is needed to gain a firm understanding of Roulette odds and how the apply to Roulette Payouts. The step-by-step explanations and real examples should prove helpful to don’t feel comfortable with equations, but realize they are an important step in mastering a game that is all about numbers.

The bread and butter of Real Money Roulette is the examination of Roulette Strategies. A quick and easy-to-follow summary of the most popular Roulette Betting Systems is provided, before delving into some specific betting progressions in detain, including the ever-popular approach known as Martingale Roulette Betting and the long-lived system called Labouchere Roulette Betting.

Also included here are descriptions of Roulette Pattern Betting, methodologies which target specific sections of the table or wheel. There is a discussion of the latest trend in Reverse Roulette Betting, too, and even a section on the controversial practice known a Roulette Clocking. What it all adds up to is a concise guide to Winning at Roulette that no player can afford to miss out on.

Depth as Well as Breadth

Every attempt has been made to pack a lot of detailed information into brief, easy-to-read sections. But that doesn’t mean any topic has been glossed over. For example, considerable space has been given to Roulette Tournaments, an aspect of the game virtually ignored elsewhere on the Internet. And Roulette Variations shows how game innovations have succeeded or failed over the years.

The write-ups on Roulette Myths and Roulette Secrets found here promise to reveal some juicy details that will surprise even the most experienced veterans of the “spinning wheel” game. A cautionary section on Roulette Cheating serves as a reminder of the dark side of gambling, and a review of Roulette Etiquette can be used as either an introduction or a reminder of the proper behaviors expected in casinos.

Of course, everyone has an opinion about the best way to play Roulette, so gathered here are a dozen of the very best Roulette Tips available anywhere. Players who read through this collection of Roulette knowledge and apply the insights faithfully are certain to improve their play. Look closely for ideas you can take straight to the bank. Real Money Roulette is here to put real money in your pocket.